A Year of Great Third Grade Read Alouds: An Introduction


Don’t you love it when a book keeps you up at night?

What can a great story not do for you? Is there anything better than hearing, reading or watching an uplifting, funny or inspiring story? For babies, children and adults, reading or being read to is one of the most enriching activities one can do. It’s good for the brain and souls. It fuels imagination and opens up new worlds that previously did not exist.

One of my favorite times of the third grade day is the read aloud. My students sit back and relax and I get to read a high quality piece of literature to them. I expose them to beautifully written sentences, new vocabulary words and unique ways of introducing characters and describing scenes. Perhaps more importantly, I teach them how to pause and think about a book and how to talk about it with others. Finally, if I’m really lucky, I’ll help them connect to the characters, themselves and each other.

The following books have a range of styles, characters and settings in hopes that at least one book will resonate every student.

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