A Year of Great Third Grade Read Alouds: November & December


A engaging story line and a baby panda!

The Year of the Panda by Miriam Schlein (Level N)

Summary of the Book

“Strange things are happening on Lu Yi’s farm. First, some men from the Chinese government ask Lu Yi’s father to sell the property that has belonged to the family for generations. Then a giant panda appears in a neighbor’s field, A rare occurrence, given the farm’s distance from the high-mountain bamboo forests that pandas inhabit. Lu Yi has a feeling that the two mysteries are somehow connected. And before long, an orphaned baby panda he finds in the woods provides an answer. As the boy nurses the helpless animal back to health, he begins an adventure that may, well change his entire future.”

Why This Book Is Great

We chose this book because we wanted one that fit into our China Study so that students could learn about an extra dimension of life in China. Students will enjoy learning about life in China through Lu Yi’s eyes plus they can just not get enough of that baby panda.

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