Classroom Fitness is a Lifesaver!


C-Fit Dance Home Screen

Dance with Classroom Fitness!

Thank you very much to Phys. Ed. Review for their flattering review of C-Fit Dance. For those of you who don’t know, Phys. Ed. Review is a website dedicated to reviewing all things Physical Education. It’s a great resource for teachers or parents looking to give the kids in their lives access to high quality health and exercise tools.

From the Review…

Connect this to a projector in the classroom and you just had a quality lesson when, “Oh no…it’s picture day in the gym and it’s raining outside!” A lifesaver. There are videos for Hip Hop dance, West African dance, and Latin Fusion dance. Priced at $.99. Cheap, quality app.

You can read the review in full here and check out their terrific website here.


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