Develop Healthy Habits Early

Develop Healthy Habits Early

Childhood is the perfect time to start a physical activity habit. Imagine the cumulative benefits of a lifetime of physical activity. Remember what your body could do when you were younger? Remember when you had no fear, or how you got so excited when you accomplished a new challenge?

Imagine that we still had these great attitudes about exercise; that we never fell out of those habits. Adults rarely get their daily activity from sports or play time. Most healthy adults get their exercise from some kind of fitness activity such as running, weight training, yoga or group fitness class.

Whatever form it takes, healthy adults have learned to take care of their bodies by fitting in some activity into every day. I think it’s important to teach children the fitness habit also. In addition to play time and sports, children should learn how to take care of their bodies because it’s important.

Children need physical activity everyday, even on rainy days, busy days or days when there is no one else around. Teachers can teach their students this habit in class by squeezing in mini physical activity breaks throughout the day and help their students start a lifetime of good health.

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