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  • Wishing You Joy & Peace

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    “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” – Mother Teresa

  • The Big Ideas of Domain 4

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    CCLS: Professional Responsibilities

    1. A ‘behind the scenes’ domain
    2. Demonstrated by teacher’s interactions with others and a log of events
    3. Participation in school events and professional development opportunities
    4. Includes portfolios, photographs and self-reflections
  • The Big Ideas of Domain 3

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    CCLS: Instruction

    1. A ‘center-stage’ domain
    2. Demonstrated by observations
    3. Represents the planning the you did in Domain 1
    4. This is the actual engagement of the students in learning
    5. Students should develop a complex understanding of the concepts
    6. There should be much participation in the community of learners
    7. Teachers should react to student learning
    8. Lessons should include more than one content area
  • The Big Ideas of Domain 2

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    Common Core: The Classroom Environment









    1. A ‘center-stage’ domain
    2. Demonstrated by observations
    3. The stage should be set for all kinds of learners
    4. Students should feel comfortable, respected and as though they can speak up
    5. There is a business-like efficiency of routines
    6. Students are motivated by a teacher who cares
    7. Students get excited about the content because they know it’s important
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