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  • The Big Ideas of Domain 1

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    Common Core: Planning and Preparation


    The Big Ideas of Domain 1

    1. A ‘behind the scenes’ domain

    2. Demonstrated by teacher’s plans and student assignments

    3. Content should be available to all learners

    4. Assessments should reflect the CCLS objectives and serve as documentation of learning achievements

    5. An effective teacher will adjust all plans easily as necessary

    6. Content should be well organized and build on concepts



  • Active Kids are Happy Kids

    Active Kids

  • School by Winifred C. Marshall

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    School bells are ringing, loud and clear;
    Vacation’s over, school is here.
    We hunt our pencils and our books,
    And say goodbye to fields and brooks,
    To carefree days of sunny hours,
    To birds and butterflies and flowers.
    But we are glad school has begun.
    For work is always mixed with fun.
    When autumn comes and the weather is cool,
    Nothing can take the place of school.

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