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  • Back in the Swing of Things

    Get Back in the Swing of Things with C-Fit Dance

    There’s nothing like a four-day weekend that lets you pull yourself together after a busy time. Most teachers I know love this holiday weekend because it gives them all a chance to catch their breaths in the middle of a bustling September.

    September is one of those months…even though you know that ‘back to school’ feeling well, you really forget how overwhelming it can be until you’re experiencing it all over again.

    Hopefully, teachers and students are both feeling good about the new year ahead even though some students may still be recovering from lack of sleep and some teachers may still be recovering from their back to school colds. Hang in there!

    Getting the fall off to a great start, Apple has approved the first of my three Classroom Fitness Apps for children! The name of this one is Classroom Fitness: Dance and it can be found on the App Store at:

    Check it out and let me know what you think…I’d love to hear from you!

  • Classroom Fitness Dance Preview

    C-Fit Dance

    Dance is an art form that can convey an emotion, tell a story, entertain, and help us keep fit and stay healthy. Dancing is creative, passionate and very expressive. There are many types of dance and in these videos we focus on three of them: Latin, Hip-Hop and West African dances.

    Here is a preview of the Classroom Fitness Dance App instructed by J Lyn Thomas. You can find it on the App Store right now!

  • Classroom Fitness Yoga Preview

    C-Fit YogaYoga can help improve your balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. It can help you become more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It can help you relax even in the midst of a chaotic environment and can teach you how to take deep breaths when you start to feel anxious.

    Enjoy watching this sneak peak of the Classroom Fitness Yoga App instructed by Sarah Herrington. It should be released in mid-September!

  • Classroom Fitness in the Village Times Herald!

    C-Fit Contact Information

    Classroom Fitness is in the press. Check out this article written by Jessica Grunenberg of the Village Times Herald:

    Ward Melville grad’s apps get kids up and moving in the classroom

    It contains some great quotes and a terrific photo of Sarah Herrington. From the article:

    When elementary school teacher Dori O’Brien noticed her students were particularly sleepy on days lacking in physical exercise, she decided to change that…

    O’Brien submitted the apps to Apple and said she is hoping the apps will be available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad by early August. “I wanted a project that as a teacher I could be proud to use in the classroom with my kids,” she said…

    O’Brien hired instructors with fitness expertise to demonstrate routines, and worked with Gramercy Consultants and Pie Face Pictures to bring her vision to life…she hopes to eventually make the app available for Android, and sell DVDs of the routines for those who don’t use smart phones.


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