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  • Classroom Fitness XTrain Preview

    C-Fit XTrain

    Cross training makes your heart beat faster, lungs breathe harder and muscles stronger. In these videos, children will learn the proper techniques of classic exercises moves such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges. This program gives children the tools that they can use for a lifetime of fitness. Instructed by Amy Blitz and Alex Kruz.

    I hope you enjoy watching this Classroom Fitness XTrain Trailer. It should be released in mid-September!

  • Advice for Teachers

    C-Fit Advice for Teachers

    I would like to share some advice for teachers – especially the new teachers. Ah, the new teachers: underpaid and overwhelmed. Before we get started, remember this: your first year is the hardest and your second year will be better.

    Take Care of Tomorrow When you have a to-do list 500 items long and every square foot of your classroom reminds you of one more thing that you need to do…stop! Go through your plan book and make sure you have tomorrow planned out and ready to go. Then go home and get a good night’s sleep.

    Understand Tattling The first question I ask is: are you telling me this to help someone or to hurt someone? This question will help you figure out whether it’s a serious classroom concern or a conflict between two students.

    Indulge in Your (Child Appropriate) Vices We all have little things that brighten our day. Maybe a good cup of coffee, fresh flowers or delicious smelling hand cream makes you smile. Think about the small pleasures that you enjoy and try to incorporate them into your school day. Taking care of yourself with small indulgences will pay off in big ways.

    Do Your Best and Find a Friend “Perfectionism is the enemy of creation, as extreme self-solitude is the enemy of well-being.” – John Updike – Be nice to yourself; you’re working hard and will continue to learn more about teaching every day that you teach. Seek out positive people who work at your school. It will bring joy to your life.

    All teachers have difficult years from time to time. Tough years happen to the best of us. What defines a great teacher is their dedication to constantly improving their practice.


  • The C-Fit Interview with Amy Blitz


    Cross-Training Instructor

    Personal Trainer and C-Fit Instructor Amy Blitz found some time in her busy day to answer some questions for us. Read more to find out why we’re wishing her “Good Luck!”

    What do you enjoy most about your work with kids and fitness? Working with kids and fitness is so fun! It totally brings out the kid in me. It’s also rewarding to teach the next generation the importance of staying active.

    Why do you think that fitness important? We are too sedentary in our lives. Our bodies were meant to move! Developing strength and flexibility will help all of us age better and rely less on medications. I always say that exercise is the fountain of youth.

    What do like most about C-Fit? I love how easy and convenient it is for a parent or teacher to just play the video and have a personal trainer, yoga instructor, etc. at their fingertips for the kids.

    How do you think that C-Fit will benefit kids? Many schools don’t provide gym class anymore, so kids are just sitting at their desks all day. The American Heart Association recommends that kids get 60 minutes of activity every day, which can be 60 continuous minutes or broken into 4 -15 min intervals. C-Fit can definitely help contribute to that recommendation.

    Physical activity is shown to improve concentration, physical well-being and confidence. I think teachers would appreciate more focused and happy kids!

    As an adult, how do you stay motivated? As a personal trainer, I’m motivated by my clients. Seeing them work hard makes me push myself at the gym. I also believe that working out and eating right helps me look and feel my best. That feeling of accomplishment after a workout can’t be beat!

    Do you have any upcoming projects? I am registered for the 2012 ING New York City Marathon. I’ve been a runner for 10 years but it’s my first marathon. Wish me luck!

  • Develop Healthy Habits Early

    Develop Healthy Habits Early

    Childhood is the perfect time to start a physical activity habit. Imagine the cumulative benefits of a lifetime of physical activity. Remember what your body could do when you were younger? Remember when you had no fear, or how you got so excited when you accomplished a new challenge?

    Imagine that we still had these great attitudes about exercise; that we never fell out of those habits. Adults rarely get their daily activity from sports or play time. Most healthy adults get their exercise from some kind of fitness activity such as running, weight training, yoga or group fitness class.

    Whatever form it takes, healthy adults have learned to take care of their bodies by fitting in some activity into every day. I think it’s important to teach children the fitness habit also. In addition to play time and sports, children should learn how to take care of their bodies because it’s important.

    Children need physical activity everyday, even on rainy days, busy days or days when there is no one else around. Teachers can teach their students this habit in class by squeezing in mini physical activity breaks throughout the day and help their students start a lifetime of good health.

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