Fitter with Twitter: C-Fit and the Little Blue Bird

Classroom Fitness Review

The Review of Classroom Fitness (C-Fit)

As I find myself spending more and more time on twitter, I’ve started to notice some things. First, I’d like to thank David Kapuler from Technology Tidbits who posted this great review about C-Fit. He’s an Ed Tech Specialist and Education Consultant with over thirteen years in the business! I’ve recently started following him on twitter and he posts many great tips and ideas for teachers.

On to my other observations from twitter, where did the “I have to exercise early in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing” tweet come from? I see it several times a day – everyday! Who started this viral tweet about groggy exercisers? Who knew there were so many?

My awareness of breaking news has also become much more up-to-the-minute since joining twitter. Granted, my knowledge doesn’t always go much beyond the 140 character range but it effectively keeps me in the loop. At least when someone mentions something I can say “Oh yeah, I read something about that …”

I enjoy the randomness of friends and of companies that I never thought of as having a personality. I once read a great quote (Ha! Not on twitter – actually it was from Someecards) and it went like this: “Facebook makes me like my friends less and Pinterest makes me like strangers more.” It’s a little mean for my taste but I get the point. Twitter makes me curious about many, many things about many people.

I also enjoy the extreme directness that the character limit creates. To quote another Someecard (then it’s off to The Atlantic, I swear) “I’ll gladly listen to your problems if they can be summed up in 140 characters or less.” Also a touch mean, as Someecards usually are but also kind of funny – like the kind of joke that makes you laugh and shake your head at the same time.

Speaking of randomness, I’ll leave you with a quote that sits on top of the blog Technology Tidbits because I really like it. It’s from Douglas Adams: “We may not have ended up where we intended to go, but we ended up where we needed to be.”

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