Four-Star Classroom Fitness Review from SAFK!

C-Fit Instructor Sarah Herrington

Classroom Fitness Yoga

Thank you to who gave Yoga a terrific review. The review is by Jill Goodman who, according to the site “spends much of her day in yoga pants even though she does not regularly practice yoga” but she sounds like an expert to me!

I’ve included the first part of the review below but you can read it in its entirety here. Classroom Fitness Yoga is also available as a DVD on Amazon.

Review from Smart Apps for Kids of Classroom Fitness Yoga (4/5 Stars) Bottom line: well done introduction to yoga and its many benefits for kids. It may require projection to successfully implement it in a classroom setting.

If you would like to encourage your video game playing couch potatoes to get up and move, you can download C-Fit Yoga Classroom Fitness ($.99 iPad/iPhone) using this Smart Apps for Kids approved link.

Coming across something original in the App Store happens less and less often so I was pleasantly surprised by how different from other apps C-Fit Yoga is. Developer Classroom Fitness has put together a series of videos and step by step slides that demonstrate some of the most common yoga poses. Given the name, the app is obviously meant to be used in a classroom setting, but it’s as good if not better for home use or any environment. They also have a dance app and one for cross-training.

The instructor is Sarah Herrington, a yoga instructor in NYC public and private schools. She is impossibly lithe and relaxed looking so I’d buy into whatever she is selling. The workouts are just 10 minutes so they can be incorporated into a busy school day without too much disruption or loss of instructional time. 

The poses taught are identified by the common names like salutation to the sun, tree pose, eagle pose and cow pose as well as the traditional Indian names like tadasana (mountain pose). There are a total of 4 lessons each of which runs about 10 minutes. They incorporate a series of poses that work on balance, flexibility and relaxation. Each pose is broken down into steps that can be practiced before playing the video.

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