Happy Memorial Day!


A James Beard Award nominee

A James Beard Award nominee

Finally, Memorial Day is here and the season of grilling can begin! For those of you interested in veggies on the grill, here is a cookbook with healthy recipes guaranteed to please everyone. I can’t wait to get try them all…

The New Vegetarian Grill, Revised Edition

by Andrea Chesman (Harvard Common Press)

“Put aside any preconceived notions you might have about cooking with broccoli and carrots. Author Andrea Chesman demonstrates that vegetables and fruits belong on the grill just as much as meat. High heat works wonders, turning natural sugars into a sweet, caramelized crust and giving these healthy foods extra layers of texture and flavor. (Chesman also suggests using a vegetable grill rack.) You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love this book, which has an abundance of delectable recipes, from salads and quesadillas to grilled sandwiches and desserts. Chesman shows us that grilling is no longer just a carnivore’s game.” –  Irene Sax from epicurious.com

Buy this amazing book here.