The C-Fit Interview with Alex Kruz

C-Fit Instructor

Recently, C-Fit sat down with Alex Kruz to learn a little bit more about this dynamic actor and trained fitness professional.

What do you enjoy most about your work with kids and fitness? Being a positive example as a person in attitude and action…the look of accomplishment, eagerness, and enthusiasm when kids are doing something they enjoy!

Why do you think that fitness is important? Proper fitness develops body wisdom which helps one know one’s body and mind better. When you know what you are capable of, you have an increased sense of health, confidence, and relaxation.

What do like most about C-Fit? I like the C-Fit approach to fitness for children. Small, easy to do segments which can be done at different times between lessons or classes. C-Fit encourages a foundation in full body fitness which serves as refreshing or energizing break in the children’s lessons as well as planting the seeds for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

As an adult, how do you stay motivated? Health is wealth, and I see a prepared and healthy body as a way to enjoy life more fully!

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