The C-Fit Interview with Sarah Herrington

C-Fit Yoga Instructor

Recently, C-Fit sat down with Sarah Herrington and learned all about her love of yoga and dedication to sharing her joy with children in the classroom.

What do you enjoy most about your work with kids and fitness? I love sharing the joy of health and wellness with kids so early in their lives. Kids are still experiencing the fun of play and are generally free in their bodies. They inspire me, and I hope they remember that fitness is fun as they grow older.

Why do you think that fitness important? For me fitness means feeling good and being well in mind, body and spirit.  I think it’s great for kids to experience the way exercise can make not just their bodies, but also their minds and spirits, feel good. Exercise is a great way to clear your mind or deal with a difficult emotion.

What do like most about C-Fit? I love how C-Fit works so easily in the classroom, in 10-minute segments.  I think this addresses a very real need in schools today. With cuts in budget, space and time, kids often lose out on recess and gym hours at a time when stress is mounting in our culture and kids face real health concerns.

I also love how C-Fit shows that fitness can fit right into your day. I’m convinced this will help children learn, too, as they get to clear their minds and lift their spirits with a C-Fit break. They’ll see that fitness is fun and can work into their lives. Hopefully that will plant seeds for a lifetime of joyful wellness!

As a child, were you fit? What did you like to do? I was very active as a kid. I grew up in the country, so spent a lot of time outdoors, riding bikes, playing softball and ice-skating. I became more of a bookworm in middle and high school and was not very interested in team sports. I only wish I’d known yoga then! I did not start practicing yoga until my 20s and right away I thought the benefits of a stronger and more relaxed mind and body could help kids.

Do you have any upcoming projects? My book OM Schooled, a teacher’s guide to teaching kids yoga in schools, was recently published. I hope this helps others in bringing yoga into our schools as a regular part of the curriculum! I am now working on a book about yoga, meditation and creativity for teen girls. Did I mention yoga also keeps me inspired?

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