Ten New Reasons to Exercise

Superhero Sprint

Superhero Sprint

Check this one out for a little inspiration! 10 New Reasons to Exercise (That Aren’t About Weight Loss)

“It does a lot more than make you a stronger, sleeker, better sleeper.”

By Jena Pincott

From Oprah.com

As if we needed more reasons to get moving…but just in case I’ve included this new article which cites some very interesting studies. My favorite is pasted below, which continues to inspire me to exercise with my students throughout the day. They love it!

It’ll Be Your Secret to Self-Control

Make better decisions by exercising for 10-40 minutes first—that’s the upshot of an overview of studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Kids and young adults who worked out right before test-taking showed better concentration and self-control than non-exercisers. During exercise, more oxygen-rich blood flows to the frontal lobes, the area responsible for “executive function”—thinking ahead, reasoning and keeping yourself in check.

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