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C-Fit XTrain named a “top 5” App!

Thank you to appoLearning who recently featured our C-Fit XTrain app as a “top 5” app in their Early Childhood > Exercise category!

From the Review

Why we love this app

We love the design of this app, although it features just simple videos for everyday exercises. The whole experience is geared towards kids. This provides a more engaging and personal experience.

What it teaches and how it works

This app teaches a set of four activities within each lesson. The clear instruction and very simple design allows kids to navigate themselves, or have a parent or teacher set up and simply follow along. Unfortunately there’s no grading or merit system, which would have been a bonus.

Why your kid won’t be able to put it down

The best way to have kids use this app over and over again is to make it a part of a daily routine. Having the same familiar faces and instructional methods teach the different lessons each day will surely have your kids coming back for more. The videos contained within are limited, but there are additional apps for purchase with a wider range of activities.


There are thousands of educational apps created for the iPad, yet only a precious few are worth downloading. appoLearning lets parents know which educational apps they should encourage their kids to use, while also detailing the skills that are taught within each recommended application.

We are currently featuring the five best apps within each subject. All of our selections include extensive report card evaluations (measured on a scale from zero to 100) and other supporting information to inform your download decision. The appoLearning team pays close attention to each category, and will modify rankings and evaluations as new apps are introduced and older titles are updated.

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