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Best Apps of 2013 for Gross Motor Skills by Jo Booth, OT

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Gross motor activities are essential for a child’s overall development and readiness to learn. Gross motor abilities help us navigate our environment safely as well as help us to tolerate sitting upright and at a desk in the classroom. It not only improves our overall health and a sense of well-being, but also gives us input as to a consistent sense of self as a reference point in which to further explore the world. Using gross motor activities in the classroom can help kids stay alert and motivated.

C-Fit XTrain – Classroom Fitness is a nice app for providing movement breaks to wake up student’s minds and bodies and get them ready to learn. There are 4 10 minute guided routines, as well as ways to make it easier to do the exercises, precautions, and benefits of the exercise. Snowy, cold or rainy days make this a great option for teachers trying to alert their students. It would be fun to have kids take turns being “exercise leader” with the teacher. I like how the segments have a warm up and a cool down period so as not to get kids too stimulated. Recommended. ~ Jo Booth, OT

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