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Kids are naturally flexible and these videos will help them stay that way. Yoga poses safely stretch muscles and increase range of motion. A little stretching goes a long way and afterwards, your body will feel invigorated, yet relaxed and calm.


Nearly all yoga poses build core strength. Downward dog, upward dog, and the plank pose all build upper-body strength. Standing poses build strength in your hamstrings, quadriceps, and abdominal muscles. Overall, yoga is a complete muscle-building program!


Yoga helps you become more aware and balanced. The deepening and lengthening of your breath, improved posture, body awareness and the ability to quiet your mind and focus your thoughts all make yoga a vital part of a busy day.


Meet the Instructor: Sarah Herrington

Sarah is a kids/teen yoga teacher and loves sharing something that’s brought her much joy and many lessons with youth. She has taught 20-25 kids yoga classes a week for several years in NYC public and charter schools as well as studios, working with a year-long yoga curriculum she created. She has written about youth yoga for NYYoga magazine, Mindbodygreen, YogaCityNYC, Yoganomics and Independent Yoga and has led kids yoga teacher trainings in New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Sarah is particularly passionate about bringing yoga to young people and weaving in concepts of creativity into the practice.

Sarah also writes: poetry, short fiction, young adult, children’s work and nonfiction. She has published her collected work of poetry, Always Moving, spanning 10 years of publication/readings/work/mentorship and NYC life with Gratitude.

Check out www.sarahherrington.com for more info about her or check out her kids yoga program at www.om-schooled.com


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